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Aiden Penner, Mastering Engineer, at No Fun Club
Aiden Penner: Head Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer and Producer at Sparrow Studios.

Welcome to Sparrow Mastering. We would love to work with you on your next project. From taking your concept to a fully produced song, getting your tracks mixed professionally to putting the finishing touch on your already finished mix with a professional master. 

We Offer:

- Song Development

- Audio Engineering Sevices

- Songwriting

- Production

- Mixing

- Mastering

Our Vision:

Music is our passion. At Sparrow Studios we feel that your unique musical expression needs to get out into the world and want to help you get it there.

Next Steps:

Wherever you are at in your process, click the link below and we will personally connect you with Aiden to make a plan together for your music!

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